With the evolution of technology, AI is the topic of discussion in contemporary times.
So what is AI? AI stands for Artificial Intelligence and its primary focus is to create machine intelligence that will improve work flow, which would help in upgrading work performance.

Thinking how it’s related to web design?
Well, have you ever come across Wix, GoDaddy, Firedrop, Bookmark, Adobe Sensai and The Grid? Well, they are website builders. Its Artificial design Intelligence that helps in building websites for free, without hiring a professional.
Hold on? AI’s impact on web design has been exaggerated. Designers are not going to be replaced by any anthropomorphized AI bots. The humane touch is needed when it comes to color selection, font selection and layout exploration. In contemporary times, AI is useful in making the designer’s job less laborious and easier.
Read on and get to know how!

Influence of AI in web design
You might have visited a website at some point of time, which is powered by AI. If not, then don’t worry, it can happen anytime soon, as AI has already impacted the industry and is helping automated design layouts, image development, content layout and so on. The job of web designers get easier as with AI, one gets real-time feedback that’s based on the analysis of the prevailing web page.
In the past, building a website was a complex process as one needed to know JavaScript, HTML and what not. Each and every page needed coding, which made the work even more complex. Not all web designers are developers and not all developers know design. With AI, web developers who have no knowledge of design can do basics like create templates and layouts and maybe even edit photos. So, machines nowadays think like designers which makes it easy for designers and even the developers find the basic intelligence system of the machine convenient enough for their day-to-day simple tasks.

So, how does artificial intelligence effect the web design industry?

  • Cropping pictures, resizing them and color correction is done by the designer, but recently AI can now assist in the job, thanks to Sensei (the AI of Adobe) or the Context-Aware Crop (AI of Photoshop) – which makes things easier for the designer. Designers are recently using Airbnb, a technology that identifies paper sketches and turns them into codes, almost immediately.
  • With AI – web design gets even more robust. The Design Systems powered with artificial intelligence ensure that there is less maintenance and lesser effort for optimization from humans. This is done, as incorporating AI and different tools in the workflow to help designers making micro level design decisions.
  • Did you like Prisma? If so, then you must be knowing how tech can generate dynamic visual styles. AutoDraw, an AI experimentation of Google creates polished sketches – thus enhancing the designer’s capabilities and making the work even more wonderful.

Personalizing the experience and enhancing user experience is a job of the AI, which can make things better for the designer as well as the web master. Whether it’s SEO or content creation or analysis of consumer behavior, AI is almost everywhere and is here to stay.

AI doesn’t replace designers
AI – is a great thing, but at least in the near future it will not replace designers. If you are aware of ‘The Grid Fiasco’, then you must be knowing that a few years ago, ‘The Grid’ created websites with AI and it all ended in disaster! Ask why? This is because machines can only do the work of professionals provided it’s repetitive and the responses are automated. Machine intelligence can never defeat human intelligence as of NOW! Humans have the ability to think with emotions and empathy, which machines cannot and this is where the designer has a role to play. So, yes, don’t think that AI is replacing designers – as of now AI is assisting designers in creating wonders, but certainly it’s helping in a big way!