Graphic designing is a part of everyday life. Just have a look at the posters, books, websites, magazines, branding, packaging, signage and newspapers – graphic design is probably everywhere.

However, a number of design trends come into the market and then slowly fade away. Some of them stay along and make a difference. You know that right?

People usually will talk about the current graphic designing trends, but here let’s get to know the all-time graphic design trends that will stay for the long haul.

  • Duotone

It can be created in a minute, but the graphics come out awesome. How? Well, simply fill up the illustration or the picture with two contrasting colors like blue and red (contrasting hues) and this design adds a rich vibrancy to the material. People who wish to avoid monotone, then duotone is the answer for them and this design is used by Spotify and also in cinema posters (if you have noticed keenly).

Usually graphic designers use Photoshop gradient map adjustments for creating the duotone effects.

  • Collage graphics

Torn, ruined, burnt, scratched or any outrageously styled collage can shock the audience, as it’s very expressive and eye-catching. It can turn normal things into something extra-ordinary.

A clean and flat design will fall flat on the face, but a dynamic one is more dramatic and drama is what you need to put the message across.

  • Mondrianizm

If you remember Piet Mondrian’s famous painting “Composition with Red Blue and Yellow”, in the year 1930, then you will know how abstract paintings can work wonders in the field of designing. Even today, graphic designers are inspired by abstract art.

 “Mondrianizm” is a new term for abstract illustrations. Generally, web designs abide by traditional conventions, but this trend is like a breath of fresh air with its unique style.

This trend was not new, but it has made a comeback and is here to stay!

  • Motion designs

Animations can bring illustrations to live and that’s why motion designs never go out of style. The design can grab eyeballs with a simple flicker of movement. With 2D animation and cinematographers, a skilled graphic designer can transform still pictures into motion that would catch the eye, without distracting the user from the content.

Such designs are rare, but can work wonders.

  • Responsive design

Responsive design has to be mentioned here. It is the need of the hour. Since your mobile has already become your go-to place to check out websites, mobile-friendly web designs is a trend that will stay for a very long time. Google has already started crushing non-responsive websites. So, having a responsive design is a primary thing, as it enhances user-friendliness and the search engines love it too!

Check out the redesigned website of Netflix. With new graphic designing, logo – their visual imagery is a perfect example of a responsive website.

  • Funky gradients filling up organic shaped designs

Illustrations and photos are very often used in visual illustrations, but to fill up organic shapes with vibrant hues of color gradients can make the design look more engaging. It’s an innovative, expressive and intangible design that will certainly leave an impression.

Design gives a brand a visual representation and constant changes will mess up with the brand image. It won’t be good for business, that’s the reason why one needs to note the trends that are here to stay and work its magic for the long term benefit of the business.

P.S. – Hope you liked our customized list of the 6 all-time hot graphic design trends. In case, we missed something, you are welcome to share your ideas and leave your comments.